Coronavirus.degree is run by a small group of students studying at Newcastle University. The aim of this website is to help students like ourselves to have a clear picture of what is happening to their own University and see all UK university responses as a whole. This is a very stressful time for most of us, we want to do our bit to help. We have no political, governmental, educational or corporate affiliation.

Our goal is to always add new features, data and content to this website throughout the whole life cycle of this pandemic. We understand that a student studying at a particular university may have a greater insight to actions taking place inside their own university and this data may not be displayed on our website. Every degree subject at every university across the UK will be having their own varied response. Our mission is to compile the high level approach from each university to display on the website to allow for an easy comparison and overview to all students. We want to make sure that all students are receiving fair treatment compared to one another - not the case of one university cancelling all exams and allowing students to pass whilst another university continues with exams.

How it works

We have collected our own manual database of every university in the country. We then independently research and identify through the means of University social media and talking to students studying at these universities what is happening at each place. Data is not live by the millisecond, however the data is updated multiple times throughout the day.

COVID Reporting Tool

As all students know, illnesses can spread quite quickly through universities due to the large gathering of young people in one place. As such, we decided to implement our own basic COVID reporting tool so we can collect data to show if any universities are suffering from an outbreak of COVID. This tool also helps students to remain at ease knowing that their university is safe by looking at the number of cases associated with their own university.

Questions and Feedback

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions. For other questions or to give us your feedback back, please see the Contact page