Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is

We try to be as accurate as we can. For each university we ensure we gain multiple sources of evidence before coming to a conclusion as to what information or status we will display. Due to the nature of this pandemic and the number of universities in the UK we expect there to be some occasions where information is either delayed or inaccurate. We collect information manually so human error is also possible.

What does "Open" mean?

This university is operating as normal, face to face teaching is still continuing.

What does "Online" mean?

This university has stopped face to face teaching, students are learning via online classes.

What does "Closed" mean?

This university has cancelled all teaching, both online and in person.

My university is not on your website, will it be added?

We are working on getting every university in the UK on our website so keep checking for updates as it will be added soon.

Where can I find specific information about my exams?

We have included links to each university’s website which explain how exams will work for their institution.

Do we have an app?

No. Website only.

What is your citing information?

Publishing Date: 19 March, 2020
Place of publication: Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

I have a question that isn't here?

Please visit our contact page.